Saturday, September 29, 2012

Positive thinking!

Positive thinking!
“Positive thinking sees the invisible,
Feel the intangible,
And can achieve the impossible”.
Even beggars think positively!
How many of you ‘positive people’ achieved impossible?
Bull shit! People write trash quote to misguide others.
on face book you will find hundreds of quote. few people can write quotes . most of them copy paste famous quotes. most of the times even famous quotes does not make sense to us.because we all are leading different types of life. Even I wrote more than 60 quotes it may not make sense to you. But each of my quotes makes sense to me because I wrote quote from my experiences with life. Do n’t ‘ever bother whose quote you are reading. Read and think whether the quotes make sense to you or not. That is what I do.
There are writers selling millions of copies of ‘power of positive thinking’. Some others are preaching to live on hope. I am not asking you to think like a pessimist. I am asking you to ‘Think Different’; think different ways, you will find more ways to overcome stumbling block and problems in life. Instead of living like an eternal optimists and living in hope start thinking different ways to achieve goals in your life. Be genuine, everybody expect positive result.  Do not think positive! Do not think negative! THINK DIFFERENT. You will have more ways to solve problems.  Positive attitude in negative situation can help if only you work different ways to find overcome obstacles. And do not lose your identity under any circumstances. It is not necessary that you stay among herd.
Do not live on hope. Only theist lives on hope. Theist will tell you what is life without hope? Like your God hope does not exist! It is only on your mind. It is to pacify your mind. "Everything will be alright'? You think someone will save your life. When there is a hope why do you try to succeed? When there is no hope you will try to succeed at the cost of your life!  Hope does not help to solve your day to day problems. It cannot help you to get through exams, job, and food, cure from illness, from your miseries or your day to day problems.  Hope is for people who are hopelessly in love, poor people, terminally ill people other than hope what else is there for them?   Thief, drug addicts, terrorists and all most people from all walk of life lives on hope. But not we atheists.  Without working to get result just by hoping to get result is the stupidest thing you can do. Theists also believe in miracle! Shit happens but not miracle in every one's life. Even theist will tell you ‘God will help you those who help themselves!’(In fact theist will talk through either side of the mouth!) Then why do you pray? It is only to help pacify your mind. That means you theists are Hippocrates. At times our hope gives way to sever depression. I.e. if you hope that she will come back to you.... you are going to be disappointed. She will settle down with and live happily ever after and you eternal optimist live your life with her found memory for the rest of your life.
Six years ago I wrote “writers lives on hope’. I was stupid enough to hope/wait to get my fiction published. Later I spent money and got my fiction published on POD mode. Today I am a ‘published author! ‘Lol. Realize your potential and work on it. Learn more about it and make use of it. It can bring you rewards.  If anybody were in my shoes, positive thinking people and people living in hope would have gone down under six feet.
”It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
Nor the most intelligent that survives,
It is the one that is most adaptable to change” Charles Darwin.
Here is one of the old Tamil song. It makes sense...
“Not all the successful people are intelligent, not every intelligent person had achieved success”. Check. It is true!
People are basically mental! When our mental equilibrium gets disturbed we lose our peace of mind. A mental will think he can do everything because he does not know his limitations whereas I know my abilities and my limitations. In fact I do not know simple thing like how to run my own life! Even if you do not have confidence in life, you should have confidence in your work. Until and unless we make conscience effort to change our mind-set we will not progress. So keep evolving.
There are three types of people on earth.
Those who enjoy life.
Those who survive life
And those who fight for survival.
Life may go up or down but don’t ever loss your identity. Don’t ever compromise on your principles at any cost. Defy conventional logic. Do not rewrite theory. Invent new theory. Let others follow you. Be one step ahead of herd. In the end it is you who decided the fate of your life. Triumph of the will power.
With all the best wishes from-Jivan.