Saturday, September 29, 2012

Public Life V/S Privet Life.

Public Life V/S Privet Life.
I had been thinking whether to write pubic life v/s privet life or not. When writing such article you need proof not just hearsay. 
Most of the great people had bad 'history' (past). When we think of prominent personality should we value their great service to our nation / world community or their privet life? This is the moot point here. 
We Indians are not bothered about our prominent personalities past life whether it is Gandhiji or Nehru. We are grateful for their service to our nation. But in the west people are more worried about their president or prime ministers past history. We used to proudly say that Mr.Bill Clinton stayed on our neighborhood but you all found his choice of ex-girlfriend "Monica Lewinsky ' not compatible with his post and packed him off. 
Here is the past privet life of our 'Father of Nation'.
Thrill of the chaste: The truth about Gandhi's sex life.  The Independent July-16-07-12
He had two other 'discipline ' one German woman called Maya and the other one from Argentine. Their books are available on market. 
We Indian see great personalities as our moral guide. Naturally if our president or prime minister had a shoddy life we should not elect them. Banga.... Banga...parties are not acceptable. In India one third of our elected members have criminal records/ pending case against them! In my opinion we should never permit corrupted President, prime minister, chief minister and other ministers to contest election. 
Men are driven by testron. Having sex is not a crime. Instead of digging prominent personalities past life we should see what he is capable of doing for our nation or world community. 
Should we dig past / present privet life of our President, Prime minister or great personality or their service to our nation? What say pal?
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