Saturday, October 20, 2012


19-10-12. 3 A.M.  

When massacre took place at U.S theatre more than 13 people died. In Europe a mad man shot down 77 innocent people with heavy machine gun. What was the fault of those innocent people who got killed? Did they all committed sin in their previous life? And karma returned in the form of death in their present life? Or do you try to pacify your mind by thinking their karma returned? Karma returns or what we sow, we reap has same meaning. Try to get correlation between Karma returns and lost innocent lives. You will not find answer for that .I can hear you all saying in unison ‘you idiot! That is what we call it fate. Opportunism works better.

Writers are not research scientists . Even research scientist rewrite theories. Writes do not know what can be sold in the market. They write all sort of trash. Karma is one among them. Movie cloud atlas is one the example. Past, present, future and everything is connected.  It is based on Karma Returns. Hinduism preaches about Karma Returns. How can you believe in Karma Returns which was written in Hindu mythology about 5000 years ago without any scientific proof?  Man you are impossible .Do we live in 5000 B.C? Come on; move your ass (evolve).

As per Hindu mythology and philosophy people believe our past life has bearing in our present life and what we do in our present life returns to our future life! In short our past /present and future lives are interconnected! We Hindus Cremate body as per our tradition. After you burn body what is left? Not even shit. So what happens to the soul or Athma? The soul / athma enter into the new born baby!  So if a dog had a miserable life in his previous life he will be born as Chihuahua in present life and jet set around the world. Sleep on Paris Hilton’s lap. What the dog will became in his future life? Perhaps a flying pig?

You people in the west have lots of money for privet research .try my experiment. Terminally ill person should be allowed to die under laboratory conditions and take his Athma or soul and find out what the heck is that.
You need my kind of imagination. Laboratory consists of huge glass chamber. Air tight. After placing terminally ill patient seal it! Any way he is going to die or you can make arrange for dips or something. After he dies pump out air from the chamber .use your space age technology to trap his soul / athma and find out what the shit is that. Submit your report to me. If you cannot find soul where is the connection between our past/present and future? Scientists are yet to find out what makes man tick and you people are talking about sole /athma, previous life and future life. There must be something wrong with you otherwise how come you started thinking irrationally?

Even if with space-age technology we cannot find out what sort of life we had in our previous birth .why do you all wants to believe in something which cannot be proved scientifically? 

Even though most of you believe in Karma Returns not everybody is a responsible citizen.  Even if you believe in Karma Return you cannot change our past life. Then why should be worried about our future life? The least we can lead responsible life in our present.

Nothing returns, everything sucks.

Think like an atheist and stop believing in bull shit.
Atheist – Jivan.

N.B:  I still do not understand why people wants to believe in irrational things? And when will they start thinking rationally?