Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My New Year Resolution

My New Year Resolution

If someone is writing about his New Year resolution in the middle of year then his name must be Jivan.

Only once I made New Year resolution.  Since I am addicted to smoking it is impossible for me to give-up.  “Next year I will reduce smoking cigarettes and save money”. To reduce smoking cigarettes you should never buy two packets of cigarettes. I started buying one cigarette stick whenever I want to smoke. Before going to bed I count number of cigarette I had smoked. It did not make any difference! I was sick of running for single cigarette stick every time so I gave up running for cigarette stick and started smoking two plus packets of cigarette per day.

Saving nickel and dime is not possible for me. Even before I get bonus I make plans. Budget always shoots through roof. People are happy when their money is in bank. And I am happy when I spent money. I do not know why?  Am I normal?

Last year around Dec 25th I made my New Year resolution. So far I only wrote about my failures;  if at all I am going to write blog I will start writing my success story. Till then bye.