Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shooting Script by Jivan.

Shooting Script by Jivan.

Before shooting the actual scene you have to visualize how scene should appear on screen. You then plan and execute it. 

Visualization. People had created so much hype about visualization every creative person... writers, directors, painters….almost everyone can visualize. When someone says he is a visualizer do not think he is from planet Pandora. Writers, directors, painters and all the creative people are doing visualization it is part of their work. It is just like sex! Everybody is doing ' it'. You too can do it!  Visualization is not done with your eyes! Inside your head/brain there is a stereoscopic camera. You see everything in 3D. Camera is nothing but your eyes! Usually it is from the point of director.

It is not a big deal. You too can practice visualization. Do it in your leisure time. Try this sample. In a bar you are seated opposite to a gorgeous woman. You can see her but you are not staring at her. You are enjoying your drink. In your subconscious mind you peel off her clothes. Don't worry she can do nothing! She is at your mercy!!  You can check the texture of her skin. Feel her soft tender flesh. Tease her… tease her… till you do NOT lose control. Lol.  

Shooting script for Broken Heart .Horror 3D movie.   

Log line. “I will hunt down and kill each one of you….”
Short synopsis.
A young married couple from New Delhi decides to spend their honeymoon at hill resort Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Near the suicide point at about 8.30 P.M. in the pouring rain her husband was brutally beaten to death and his young wife gets gang raped and murdered. They burnt the body of husband and wife so that there is no evidence. Only husband alone comes back to life!  Out of ten million people in Chennai city he will have to hunt down and kill each one of the perpetrators of crime in a gruesome manner. What makes this fiction unique? The special appearance, character and special power given to her husband make this fiction interesting.
Given a chance to work as creative director this is how I am planning to shoot scene……. this scene also works as title of 'Broken Heart' 
I may not know how to write screenplay but I can write shooting script. I am yet to see shooting script of director's. I think when you write shooting script you need to explain three things.
1) Location.
2) How you plan to shoot scene or situation.
3) Camera movements.

Location. Near Kodaikanal suicide point. Kodaikanal is a hill resort in Tamil Nadu, south India. Suicide point, devils peak and waterfalls are miles apart. My fiction / scenes demands all within one palace. Graphic artist can do it for me.

Season. November first week, just after the rainy season you can expect intermittent rain now and then. Sky .Partly cloudy.  Time. Around 8p.m. cricket chirping, frog sings in anticipation of rain, far way in the mountain wolf howling in chorus “AWHOOOOOOOOO…..(Echo) awhoooooooooo….. And the small one trying to imitate...Ooooooooooooooooo “and the usual night sound found in the rain forest.
Camera. Camera is mounted on Gigs with joystick control or crane. Camera tilted towards sky at about fifty degree angle. 

 Now visualize in 3D.        
Opening shot in Panoramic mode.(view)
Opening shot .BLACK OUT!  Gradually lightning can be seen at the far end of the sky. Lightning and thunder gradually intensify. With lightning on can see devils peak on the left side of the frame. It is about thousand feet tall rocky mountain in pillar formation.  Gigs gradually retract.  Leaves, branches and woods appear closer than ever. ..............

                    CUT!.............SURPRISE!.................SURPRISE!!  SCENES ARE MISSING!!!

 He then places Maya's body in front of him. He was on his both knees. tears made of blood run down on his cheeks and falls on Maya's face. thunder storm intensifies   He raises both his hands and looks towards the sky and thunder.. “BASTARDS, I WILL HUNT DOWN AND KILL EACH ONE OF YOU…” shot was frozen and bold metallic silver letters appears one after one on screen 'B R O K E N H E A R T” . In that frame on the top left side wooden logs are still burning in the heavy rain. In front of Ajay, Maya's burnt out body can be seen. Frozen shot scene will remain there for twenty seconds then Title will gradually disappear and shot continues…. Ajay carries Maya's body on his shoulder walk towards huge tree. He then places her body under a huge tree and walks towards hunted house to search for shovel to dig grave for Maya…. 

Sorry folks, to interrupt you. While you all will appreciate my visualization there are SUCKERS out there. They will shoot the scene just the way I wrote. Later when I wanted to shoot the way I wrote there will be problem... 

I had placed my fiction with shooting script let me see whether director is shooting just the way I wrote or is he using his own ideas.

Working as a creative director is the easiest job. You just visualize the scene and explain it to director/CGI artists/ camera man by making table top model or with rough sketches. With their experiences the will execute the scenes. 

Let me see whether I get a chance to work for movie version of my fictions.