Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to solve unemployment problem?

When I said ‘The difference between you, me or the rest of the world are our way of thinking and reasoning’ none of you people agreed with me because most of you cannot think like me. Most of you thought like…‘I am rich, highly qualified and intelligent person. How can jivan compare with me? You are right, but here I am going to prove you that I am different from you!
How many of you thought of solving world’s unemployment problem? If my idea can be implemented half of the world’s unemployment problem can be solved!
O.K, you know MBA students are taught how to run business, sell and market products etc.But how many MBA’s are doing own business? How many of them can provide job opportunities for others?
In India most of the MBA’s like to work for MNC. More than ninety percent work for others and less than ten percent start own business. When ‘they’ knows how to run the business why not start own business and provide job opportunity for others too? If each one of them can start own business lots of job opportunities can be created. Right?
Not every communist person is highly qualified but most of them are trade workers. Call it a huge work force. They are the one who think Boss is enjoying life at the cost of their hard labour. Why not they all pool their money and start business or industries?  Heard about ‘cloud funding’?  Every communist person invests whatever money he can afford to put for starting business.  So, every one of them can became Boss!  They do not have to worry about who moved their cheese because there will ‘transparency’ in business dealings. Just think every group of communist’s people starting industries to solve unemployment problem. It would be great!
Each communist should invest in business. It is like a mass joint venture. Too many crooks (communists) spoiled the brothels (factories). See, whether they can withstand cut throat business in a competitive world. Communist party managed to close down most of the factories in Kerala and West Bengal.  
Business is not everybody’s cup of tea that everyone can prepare and drink it.
When you foreigner are traveling all over India you will find woman in shabby cloths clutching infants around their hip. Have you ever noticed one thing, most of the time the toddler is asleep. You feel sorry for the woman and pay few changes and move on….

We Indians knows begging is an organized business in India. Most of the time toddler is under the influence of drugs to avoid crying.  The fact is that infant does not belong to the woman.  He /she were supplied by ‘child lifters’ for begging purpose. When a child goes missing he/she will end up as a beggar. Sad, sometimes ‘they’ disfigure the child, more sympathy more money. 

Think of your missing child end up on street and begging for money for others just for the sake of food. Child begging should be banned. Government and NGO’s should provide shelter, food and free education up to 10th standard. Woman with children begging can be stopped if few rules are implemented.

Whenever child welfare organization notice women begging with her infant, she should be taken to the nearest police station for interrogation. Is she is not able to provide proof that the child belongs to her then DNA test should be ordered by court. If the report says that child does not belong to her, she should be asked to identify child lifters and her boss. Later the child should be taken care by the government welfare organization or NGO’s.

Keeping national level DNA records of children helps parents to trace out their child in case of missing.  A national data bank to check and find missing child on line can help .Sever punishment for child lifters and organized gangs.

Think of a missing child…. It could be your missing child! Save children from begging. They deserve a better future. You only can help save their life.

Now tell me … Did you think like me? No, never. That is the difference between you and me.