Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lights,Camera, Action!


In one of my article I wrote … 'we' are different kind of species! 'We' will not showcase our talent to our family members, friends, and enemies nor 'we' will participate in talent contest but given a chance 'we' will showcase our talent for global audiences!

You all though I am creating too much hype about me; well; I am not going to write for booker’s prize. I will not be directing movie version of my fiction. Then how am I going to show case my talent for global audiences? When you watch miss world contest do you think that the winner is the most beautiful woman on earth?  Only among the contestant she is the beautiful one. Now think like me…. There are any numbers of beautiful women out there; they do not like to participate in contest to win money or fame. My talent is in the foam of a creative director and visualizer.

Here I tell you the different between a creative director and a visualizer.

Creative director: 
he can modify story according to culture or set the story in other part of the world. He can modify the story as per the production cost or budget. Design titles, set designing, assist director, CGI and graphic artists; he can also explain director how the scene will appear on screen using table top models or rough sketches.

he will basically design sets, assist director and CGI and graphic artists.
Without experience it is impossible for anyone to work in movie field as creative director or visualizer. You should have proven track record to get such kind of job.  Given a chance to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction Eternal Love I would love to work for free. Designing title, set designing, brings Ajay back to life, spectacular plane crash landing and few other scenes require CGI and graphic work.
Here I am writing brief note how to shoot plane crash landing. First director will brief the actor (pilot) about the scene.

Usually director use combination shots. Using table top (miniature photography) blue mat screen, CGI and graphic artists and also model of actual size of plane where real life characters are involved.  This how usually director shoot scene. To shoot cockpit scene pilot (actor) sits on a stool in front of a blue mat screen. As the director keeps telling how to act /react with the situation actor either act or mock act accordingly.

‘O.K’… now you move your body toward right then gradually toward the left. Few medium and close-up shots are taken.  Next, ‘’pilot’ will be asked to face blue mat screen and same actions are repeated. O.K, pack up! Later digital artists draw cockpit and control panels. On blue mat screen space you will add whatever is required to like… sky, clouds, runway etc...    

I too will be using combination of shots with a difference! Instead of digital artists drawing cockpit I will use real cockpit! So, you mean to say you will tilt real plane with entire passengers? My answer is a big NO!
I will hire cockpit simulator at AIR BUS or BOEING .cockpit simulator is a real cockpit but it is fixed on top of a huge robotic arm. Controlled by computer and a joystick for tilting and rotating.  Now shooting made easy. Blue mat screen...….

O.K, now how will you tilt real plane with full of passengers?
Somewhere out there in the world you will find damaged and discard plane.  Cut and remove the cock pit portion and place the entire plane inside the two giant wheels so that you can tilt either side with real passengers .As the plane gradually get titled  camera mounted on gigs(crane) enter inside the plane and travel through the passage. Later fog, smoke, fire would be digitally added to the scenes.  Table top model will be used for miniature photography… run way and toy plane crash landing….

I like serious comedy scenes in Hollywood movies. Here I have to write Indian comedy scene.
Situation: plane hits air pocket in a thunder storm.
Ajay is a cool guy. He sits next to window.  Next to him one Hindu priest was seated. Hindu priest had half tonsured head with a piggy hair tail on top of his head with and vermilion on his fore head. Suddenly plane hits air pocket. Passengers experience severs vibration (Camera shake) and plane tilt towards left. Inside the plane utter chaos… while most of them started prying other went on screaming spree. Over head carrier gets opened and one of the suit cases falls on Hindu priest. He screamed on top of his voice”AAIYOOOOOOOOOOOO……..”  Lifting both hands towards ceiling he prayed God.”O’ God, please save me life’! Ajay scratched on his shoulder and asked him in sign language” what about me’? Again priest prayed “O’, God, please save both of us”! Ajay then asked him what about others. Priest again prayed for the last time “O’ God, please save all of us”! Ajay felt pleased. ‘That’s good”.  

As the plane titled toward right, from other side of the over head carriage another suitcase fell on a sardaji’s head. He was wearing turban, he just laughed it off and looked around him and saw me sitting diagonally across his seat. I too laughed back. Suddenly he recognized me. “Jivan Lal Ji, Aap writer Hai Na”? (You are the writer Jivan lal Ji “?  I politely replied him. “No, sir. I am pyarai lal Ji, waiter!  My identical brother Jivan lal Ji is a writer”.  Suitcase hits the floor and it opened automatically.  A suitcase full of diamond studded gold ornaments. Still laughing sardar Ji secured the suitcase!

Shooting spectacular plane crash landing on air port require little bit of research work. One needs to talk to air traffic controller and pilot to know the conversation in emergency landing and standing procedure of fire service personnel etc.

What I wrote here is nothing. You need budget, proper planning and ready shooting script to shoot spectacular plane crash landing for global audiences. When I sell my fiction for movie production I will offer free service as creative director .if I get a chance to showcase my talent fine, otherwise my creativity will be buried with me.

Only people with proven track record as creative director or visualizer can work in movie field others can only dream about it.