Tuesday, October 8, 2013


When Sony Gudiya was just two and half year old my wife left me for native place I could not concentrate on my work so I gave up my job. Even though I did not have single paisa in my pocket I went on dreaming (visualizing).I wanted to make a simple video with my little daughter.  This is how video will appear.

Title. Dad v/s Daughter.
Opening shot. Camera goes hunting...ceiling, walls and floors.
Voice over. “Think of devil and here she comes… image in the center gradually comes into focus. “ Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our chief guest Sony Gudiya… gave a big hand…. thank you…” both her hands firmly on her hips Sony walks with confidence as is she was walking on the ramp. As she comes near the camera with folded hands she says….
“Namaste, My dear papa’s friends; I am Sony Gudiya... Now, I will introduce you my drear papa... “Papa, please come over here”.

Medium shot. I will step into the frame. “Hello, friends… this is my little princess... Sony gudiya. She was the star in ‘The Life of little princess’ semi-fiction. Today I am going to compete against my daughter with series of tests. Basically I want to find out her hidden talent. You viewers are our judges. You are going to give us marks. O.K?”

First we start with nursery song.
Sony first. She will sing “Baba black sheep….And I will sing “Tinkle, tinkle, little star…
After that drawing. We both will draw. While she draws something I will make abstract drawing in few second. A cat on the wall. You will only see a cat tail and back of it’s body.
Maths test. 5+5=?  Sony will count on her little finger. 5+5=10. I will also count on my finger but the answer is 9! How?
Water color painting. She will try really hard. I will do a modern painting! I will mix all the color and splash it across the paper. Riots of color. Simple.
Children can easily play video jockey but I will have to try really hard.
Then we will take camera and go out in the park to shoot. She will be allowed to shoot as many as photos she wants. I will take time to select and shoot but I will shoot only once.

Cooking test. We will ask Sony what she wants to cook. As per her instruction I will cook for her. It could be tea or something simple. I will prepare chappathy with pseudopodia! (Tentacles).
Now it is time to sing. We will allow her to sing her favorite song. May be she will sing lullaby. My wife used to sing bed time songs. She too sings along with her till she falls asleep.

I will sing one song for my daughter….
“Phoolom ka tarom ka….Sub ko kahana hai;
Ek hazarom  may…. Sony Gudiya hai ….
Sari…..ummer ha-may sung rehana hai……

Late I will appear along with my daughter on screen. “O.K, friends; we are eagerly waiting for your judgment. Please write down your marks in my comment box. Thank you…” you will find Sony waving at audiences.”  Bye friends…” I will be using ‘extra’ footages. Gradually sony’s images fade out.
Now Sony is nine years old. To shoot same scenes I will have to find two and half year’s old girl who can represent Sony Gudiya.

There are no failures only set backs