Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You & Me. (Part-14)

Between you and me.

Here is the great news for all my Blog friends. I am going to publish ‘Eternal Love sci-fi love story and Broken Hear Horror’ through Amazon .it will be available for FREE down load for two days. After that ‘Eternal Love’ will cost $1.5 or Rs.100/- and ‘Broken Heart’ Horror for $ 2.5 or Rs 150/- only.

Most of you people have attended motivational program. Very few motivational speakers can boost about their achievements. But most of them will give you example of great people. I.e. Abraham Lincoln studied under the street light and later he became president of U.S.A. good for him! Hear it from me….in the comfort of my home I could not understand maths and English grammar. We had studied about most of the great people from history. But I do not think any of us became great people. So does this motivational program or speech work for individuals? Or is it just like the hang over after heavy drink? Those who attended various motivation programs know better.

I think inspiration should come from within us. If you take the reason for motivation of great people you will find it is their ‘circumstances’ forced them to achieve greater results.  I do not preach. I just write my experience with life. While others learn lessons and mistakes from their life there are people like me who will refuse to learn from life. My experience with people tells me not to trust them. Does that mean there are only bad people around? I still believe there are good people around but I am yet to meet any trust worthy person.

Years ago I wrote few articles about my experience in life. Unless I am able to achieve what I have been trying for the past seven years I will not be able to publish those articles. Here are the subtitles. God and I, Thinking Wild (try writing thinking wild) I am destined to be who I am! Shit happens, Is there life without hope? Go beyond breaking point… When we were small children we used to blurt out something and our parents used to remind us” there is an appropriate time to say things”. Today I agree with them.  I too feel that we should not allow others to laugh at our expense instead we should laugh at their expense!

Who says that I speak (write) English? I speak Jinglish (Jivan English). If you are able to understand my jinglish it is good for you. If you do not understand Jinglish it is much better. Lol

When you are alone in this world life will teach you simple lesson. It has shock value. ‘As long as your health permits you to work you have job/food’. After that what? The End? Only time can answer you.