Monday, February 10, 2014

How to MILK cool Billions?

How to MILK cool Billions?

This article is about fictional character any person living or dead is purely co-accidental.

Let’s assume that you are a politician cum business man. You want to diversify your businesses and you are starting a new airline service in India. You need huge investment to start airline service, let’s say about Rs. 2500/-crores of Indian rupees for that you have to apply loan through few of the leading banks in India. None of the bank people knows how much money is required to start and operate air line service. Since you have been running your other business for the past couple of decade bank will sanction your loan.

After getting loan from all other bank you will start operating your air line service. Naturally it can help to boost your fragile ego. Everything was honky donkey. Since you do not know how to run air line business sooner or later everything will comes to grinding halt. What next?

Cool yaaar! No problem!!  All those bank recovery people will try to recover or salvage by selling your immovable properties ONLY belong to your airline business but they cannot touch your other business.  Funny, is not it?  People usually do not buy civilian planes but lease out plane to run air line service.  After attaching   all your immovable properties bank recovery team were able to recover only Rs 1000/- crores.

You ‘donate’ Rs 500/- crores of rupees to the ruling party fund, chief minister and all those bank people who took commission to sanction your loan. Balance of Rs 1000/- crores you can LICK it CLEAN!  That was really Licking Good yaaar! When someone take out you five rupee it is called cheating but when a business person misappropriate billions of rupees from the bank or public fund it is not called  BUSINESS it is called ORGANISED LOOTING.

At Harvard B school they will teach you how to do business but not how to MILK billions. You all have to learn it from Indians how to milk cool billions in INDIA. I do not think ‘our ‘Milking system work in west or Europe.

First find out how to make millions before you think about milking cool Billions.