Wednesday, February 5, 2014



Indian politic stinks. If you check on our voting pattern you will comes to know of our herd mentality. Congress party is the mother of all scams. Davos, 2G spectrum, coal gate, submarine and helicopter scam, Bofos scam, farmer’s fund scam….. You can recollect other scams. Some of the scams cost Indians ten and thousands of cores Indian rupees but still people vote for congress party.

Out of sixty five years, fifty five years congress government ruled our country. We are still a developing country. Any other country would have become developed nation.  BJP government ruled for ten years. Instead of developing our country they wanted to build Ram temple at the disputed place called Ayodhya. There by antagonizing Muslim community.

Now Mr. Narendra Modi is BJP’s Prime Minister Candidate. He will not make same mistake by trying to build Ram Temple at the disputed site. He will show progress. I / we expect Mr.Modi to send all the ‘scamsters’ to jail .Almost all the scamsters belongs to congress and their allied parties. They include chief ministers, M.Ps and ministers. Congress will term it as vendetta politics then it is the public money those guys looted.  Those who involved should be held responsible and punished. Their ill gotten wealth should be seized by the government.

At the disputed site in Ayodhya instead of building Ram temple a specialty hospital for poor should be built. Muslim community can spare few acres of land for the purpose. The hospital also serves as a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity.

Modi government should control cross boarder terrorism. Liquidate nexalism and Maoists. In democracy there is no place for terrorists, nexalites and Maoists.

Our CBI should be allowed to work independently. They should not be controlled and manipulated for the purpose of ruling party.

Our congress government sold India to industrialists like Reliance Amabani and Ratan Tata. Modi government should not make same mistake.  Mega project should not be awarded to one single company. It should be awarded to more than one company (piece work).

Modi government should not employ middle man to procure military plane, army hardware, ships and submarine for navy or any other items for the government. Single window clearance can eliminate middle man and corrupted ministers. 

Human right organization and U.S government denied visa to Mr.Modi. The same people in U.S will roll out red carpet for Mr. Modi in near future. That is the day we Indians are going to celebrate his victory. Following the judicial probe Mr. Narendra Modi was given clean chit by the court.  His government should be able to deliver result oriented performance.

 Mr.Modi started his carrier as a tea maker. He can only understand and feel for common man. By voting for Mr. Modi government you are going to teach lesson for congress party, which the common man is no longer going to tolerate corruption and swindling by congress and his allied parties.

Modi government should be able to bring Black Money from Swiss bank and from other ‘safe heaven’ (foreign banks). It is estimated more than hundreds of billion Indian money in those bank. That money can be utilized for developing infrastructures, education, health care, agriculture and low cost housing for poor people.

Rape and murder is common in India.  When a man commits heinous crime like rape and murder he deserves nothing short of death sentence for that a new law should be implemented.   

 We Indians need clean and corrupting free administration at the center. Only then we can be proud of India.

India’s destiny is in each one of our hands. For a better tomorrow vote for Modi government to make a sea change.

Wishing Mr.Narendara Modi all the best on his Endeavour.
Common man,