Thursday, March 13, 2014

I am. Who I am.

I am. Who I am.

When I think about my past seven year’s life, I found nothing but failure. Our experience with life makes or forces us to believe in irrational things but I am an exception.

I am the one supposed to be praying god to overcome failure and hardship in life .But I am determined to solve problems one after one.

Here the point is whether we learned lesson from our life or not. The answer NO!

So many people refused to help me when I was desperately in need of help. Does it mean I hate everyone? NO. Perhaps I was dealing with FAKE people. People promise and deliver you shit. It is hard to believe but true.

As per astrology Aquarians and Leo signs are not compatible. As an atheist I do not believe in things which cannot be proved scientifically.  Astrologer told me to look for another girl. He had foreseen bad future for me in our alliance. My belief in ‘success of marriage depends on mutual understanding between husband and wife’ did not work in our case.

Even after love failure, people still fall in love. Did they learn any lesson? No! They only realized that the other person was not compatible! What a heart breaking experience to learn simple lesson.

The greatest love story is not Romeo and Juliet. It is our grand pa and grand Ma’s life story. It is not that they were perfect couple. Over the years they understood each other’s flaws and made lot of compromise and sacrifices to give a better life to our parents. Today none of us wants to live in bad relationship for the rest of our life. That is the one of major reason for divorce.  In west and Europe people settle down in life after one or two divorce. As per their culture it is not a big deal.

As a young boy I was a theist. While studying in high school I started thinking about God and superstitions. When I started thinking rationally I did not find reason to believe in God and superstitions. Later when I started working I found as long as I have work I had food! Now at 57 I found out one more simple truth, as long as my health permits I have job and food!! What next?  OMD! What a way to learn simple lesson from life.

Our beliefs are formed, based on our experience with life. When reality defeats our faith we are shattered. Picking up pieces of life and moving with life is not an easy task.
Even after all these things I do not believe in god and superstitions. It is because there is little bit of madness in me. This little bit of madness help me to overcome hardship and keeps me moving.

In short ‘we’ hardly learn any lesson from our own life!