Monday, February 20, 2017


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'IDHAYAM MARAPPATHILLAI' (Heart never forgets) Eternal love sci-fiction love story now available in Tamil language. 140 pages book cost Rs 70/-only . Eternal love sci-fiction love story and Broken heart Horror fiction are copyright registered and published book now available for movie production.   

 I wrote my fiction as per Indian culture. Given a chance to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction I will help you to set my story at moderate budget also I will convert my fiction into movie script. Each paragraph will be made into scenes with appropriate dialog. I will also design movie poster (concept) run title, credit title, sub titles, design sets, assist director and graphic artists to get my kind of visualisation. 

Tamil edition available here.
Manimekalai Prasuram.
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 'IDHAYAM  MARAPPATHILLAI' ( Eternal Love sci-fiction love story) 
Log line: A young lover was brought back to life with futuristic technology on A.D2030 and he falls in love with same woman!

Short synopsis.
Billionaire's only son Ajay dies in a freak accident but his girlfriend Maya survives. Twenty-five years later Ajay was brought back to life with futuristic technology in A.D.2030. Fate brings them together. His ex-girlfriend Maya is happily married woman with a grown-up son. Will they became lovers again? What happened to their only love child Sandhya? 

Have you ever read wholesome entertainer? My fiction is full of life. It has family value, love, romances, sex, songs, fight scenes, plane crash landing, Robo surgeon and his assistant S-2-P and her antics. Reading my fictions is like watching a movie. Today it is my vision; in the near future my fiction will become a reality. Trust ME!

Coming next. ‘A M A N U S H’ Broken Heart horror thriller in Tamil Language.

‘A M A N U S H’ A man with supernatural power.

BROKEN HEART. Horror Thriller.
Logline: ‘I will hunt down and kill every one of you…I swear!’
Short synopsis.
A young married couple from New Delhi decides to spend their honeymoon at hill resort Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Near the suicide point at about 8.30 P.M. in the pouring rain her husband was brutally beaten to death and his young wife gets gang raped and murdered. They burnt the body of husband and wife so that there is no evidence. Only husband alone comes back to life!  Out of ten million people in Chennai city he will have to hunt down and kill each one of the perpetrators of crime in a gruesome manner. What makes this fiction unique? The special appearance, character and special power given to Ajay make this fiction interesting.

ETERNAL LOVE & Broken Heart 2-in-1 English edition is available here. 

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 copyright registered and published book.
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Author of Eternal Love & Broken Heart
T.M.Jivan Lal