Saturday, April 8, 2017



Do you have fixations? Think fast and hard. It is easy to claim that we do not have a fixation. All most everybody has a ixation. As an atheist I don’t have fixation, right? Wrong! I too have fixations!!

Every human being will have fixations. Usually fixations are developed based on our blind faith. So, ‘we’ atheists are not supposed to have fixations. As an atheist I said I do not believe in God and superstitions but my experience with life was forcing me to believe in irrational things. My rational thinking helped me to refuse to believe in all those things.

Nobody can force me to believe in God and superstitions. It is not because I am an atheist. I had gone through the worst part of my life. Being alone out there in this world my ability to think and solve problems helped me to stay alive! If you had gone through my life on my blog I am a living proof.

I have been working here for more than eight years without a break for more than fifteen and half hours per day for a meager amount of salary. With experience I could have tried to get better job with better pay but I did not try. You know the reason? I had decided when I move out of this place that is after selling my fiction for movie production I will never ever work for anyone. I will invest my time and money to do my own ‘businesses. In India like countries you should never work for others. Your boss is not bothered how much money you make for him. He will expect sycophancy read holding his balls for him. I do not fight with my boss but I believe I get paid for my work .NO sycophancy; NO kicking balls. 

Each one of our priorities and requirements in life are different, not very many people understand this. You will find few people like me. ‘We’ will not follow others. We will follow what is ‘right’ for us but not what is right for the world. Still we are ruled by our conscience. It is the fact but hard to believe.

I had to check with three other distributors before I finalized to publish book. If you had spent eight years and Rs 1, 21,000/- definitely you wants to recover some of your lost money but not me!

I am the one who wrote ‘money is not everything’ on my blog. But money makes life easier. You can kick your lair and sarcastic wife and pay one time settlement. Rich people can afford to do stupid things /take risk .some of their risk taking 'adventure' paid them with rich evident. They call it 'business'!

In my struggling days I happen to sent request to writers and ghost writers to co-author my fiction. I have to sell more fictions. Whether YOU buy my fictions or NOT I will make sure that others will buy my fictions. I will try my marketing skill.

You cannot brain wash me to believe in God not because I am an atheist but because of my experience with life. Most of the fixations are based on our blind faith. Rational thinking can help you to get rid of them. Some of our fixations come from our experience with life. It will be difficult to remove. It is like a lesson from life. We do not want to make same mistake. I would not say having fixation is stupidity. Having unreasonable fixation is stupidity. It is an insult to your knowledge and intelligence.