Saturday, April 8, 2017

How to write fiction?

So far I wrote ten fictions.This is how I wrote all my fictions. First I think about a concept. The concept can be a single sentence, word or even a single image! Words like love, revenge, rebirth by technology or by divine intervention, terrorism, new religion etc.
On my blog comment box one woman wrote ‘BEHAVE!’ she looked irresistible. I wrote my only short story ‘Kathy, I miss you….’ it turned out to be pure pornographic literature! It was about my wild sexual fantasies about her. Some other day I will go to west and make Porn DVD movie out of my short story. Remember next time when you muck up with writer, 'we' will eat you up.  ‘Broken heart, horror fiction is based on an image I had seen when I was six years old kid. Except Casper all other ghost will take revenge. To take revenge there must be a valid reason. You have to give special power to your ghost so that he can accomplish his task. ‘Universal love’ the new religion, I just wants to say ‘the day people think beyond religion based messengers of god world would be a better place to live in’. To tell this simple truth I had to write 45 A-4 pages (concept only).
This is how I write fictions. I think about story concept. This time is called ‘incubation period’. That is the time I cook up the main story. It is like a synopsis of the story. In my leisure time, I write subplots. Reading each paragraph and expanding the passage and writing necessary dialogues. I am not a professional writer but a story concept writer. I wrote all my fictions for movie production. I would like to know how other writers write their fictions.