Saturday, April 8, 2017



Dear friends,

I am sorry if I had hurt your stupid and sentimental feeling by writing ‘God and I ‘and ‘thinking wild’. My sincere apologies to all those stupid and sentimental people out there in the world.Remember, I can only write about my experience with life. Believe me, I think God and I and thinking wild are inspirational stories. Unlike others, I am not stupid, sentimental or superstitious.  Most of you are living in comfort zone. You can not relate to my article .only people leading my kind of life can feel for me.

On blog I appear like a practical man but in reality, I live in my own dream world where there are no mosquitoes or my nagging wife, Only me and my shadow.
Here is not starting another debate. After ‘Less than 32 hours…’I had decided to change my life. After struggling for more than seven long years and spending Rs 1, 21,000/- I got my first break.
If I were a theist like you I would not have tried to succeed. I would have prayed god to save my family life, Expecting miracles (producer to find time to read my fiction) to take place, believed in hope, bad time, Karma, Astrology, As per Indian astrology there are seven and half years of bad time in a man’s lifetime. It can happen in instalment or at a stretch. If you are able to withstand the test of time you can weather any storm in your life.  Even if I had not done any good for anyone the least I can confidently say I had never messed up anybody’s life. I am a very privet person. My problems are more than enough for me.

When I say sorry, it comes from the bottom of my 'Broken Heart'. I do not do lips service. Don’t confuse lip service with blow job. Only my way of thinking and reasoning helped me to get through the HELL; Nothing else.

I am like… “How can I go wrong? “ I am only right from my point of view. You all are looking at me from your point of view. Naturally, you all will get distorted version of me. It was not my fault! Now you see how convincingly I put blame on you. my appearance on earth is for you to identify me But i am NOT Jivan! Jivan is somewhere deep inside my gray matter. i have not yet met him ! he is residing at 'hippocampus'. so it would be difficult for others to understand me. even with the most sophisticated scientific equipment,  it would be impossible to find me cos i am made of one hundred billion neurones.unlike other i am not the body, I am mind. my mind is everything to me. your scientists will take light years to tell you that people are NOT made of blood and flesh! Trust ME! People are made of grey matter. "INTEL ‘outside; MENTAL inside!" 

Out of seven point two billion people on earth, you will find nine people with my resemblance. Does that mean they all are Jivan? NO! NEVER!! There is ONE and ONLY genuine Jivan for all of you. That’s ME....ME... ME. My way of thinking and reasoning makes me unique. The first impression is the best impression? BULLSHIT! Not everyone is a Sycophant to impress you.The stupidest thing you can do is to judge others by their appearance. 

Now you can ask me how to create hype. I am going to write an article called ‘shades of schizophrenia’. 

Schizophrenia “you think that you are SOMEBODY but in reality, you are NOBODY!” Lol.  

 "You talk to GOD, you are religious.GOD talks to you – you’re psychotic” Dr.House. 

Whether you are a theist or atheist does not make any difference to me, leave the past and let’s remains as friends forever.

 This video is not for me. It is for my blog friends and eternal optimists. This video will help to pacify your mind but will not solve any of your problems. Let there be peace on the mind! The presentation is good.Hope you will enjoy it.
’Everything Happens For a Reason'