Saturday, April 8, 2017

Know your enemy.

Do you have enemies? I do not have enemies. I have only one enemy. I had pardoned all others enemies including my wife. My wife is no match for me.
Most of us like someone who is good at studies, sports and multitasking. Her age kids were jealous of her .if you stand next to her you can feel her ego radiating, because of 'our' age difference she never showed her ego to me. I had one such friend. I thought she would go places .after she finished her PG she worked for MNC.  There is a new trend among young Indian executives working in MNC. They are not interested in working as an executive for MNC. Most of them are looking for a top post. So she quit her executive post and joined for a small company as HOD.

Before marriage, she was a ‘liberated woman’. Later she got married to the equally qualified guy. There are bound to be ego clashes. Fragile egomaniacs could not get along. Their marriage hit rock bottom. She is finished. Now she got her ‘liberation’. Unlike others, I do not hope my enemies are dead. I want them to see my progress.

For a woman, a pretty face and little bit of sex appeal are more than enough to get 2500 ‘friends’. What is the big deal? We men have to showcase our talent to get friends. Anyway who needs FAKE friends on FB?

We all need motivation. She does not know that I have been competing with her over the past years. She got money and qualification. I have none.  I am trying to make her outdated! I will use my creativity. I am waiting for an opportunity.

Rather than knowing your enemy’s strength know his weakness to win the ‘war’. 

Living with the enemy!

 N.B: it is hard to describe her. Let me try it with a single word.Desirable! How to crucify your enemy? 
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