Saturday, April 8, 2017

Let’s Do Business.

Let’s Do Honest Business.


Like in love and war everything is fine. Today business is like war. Business man will tell you it is ‘cut throat’ business. Do people in the business follow ethics? Not everyone, only an honest man can do honest business rest of them are after money or fame. I can do charity business but I am not rich. It is very difficult for me to do business but I have to sell my fiction for movie production.  That is the reason I wrote ‘writer and producer’ agreement. It will give me more option to sell my fiction for movie production.

Here I am writing about Indian film industry.
One director stayed in our lodge for couple of month. We were discussing about film industry. I was more interested to know how to sell fiction for movie production.
" I do not know how much it will cost my graphic driven fiction ’Broken Heart’ to make movie version”
“Jivan, the way you narrated your story will require high budget”
“No, problem. I will modify ghost (CGI) so that we can make it with moderate budget. Well, how much producer will pay for my fiction?”
“According to the production cost they will pay you money”
“Money is not everything to me; I am looking for an opportunity to work as creative director. I will develop more subplots; convert my fiction into movie script, design poster, set design, run title, sub title, assist director and graphic artists.  So much work I am willing to do it for free of cost. My name should come under creative director”
“There is no post as creative director in film making. They will take you as an associated director. There are different department to handle different work. You cannot work in every department; if you want to work in every department then you direct your own movie”
He changed topic “you know there are ‘writers’ writing movie script for Rs 50,000/- they need bread and butter to survive….”

{ he is not a writer he just scribbled down what he heard about a local thug’s way of life at the local bar over a quarter bottle of whiskey and few fried peanuts. Believe me those ‘writers’ cannot write decent stories. They can only write for cheap low budget movies for local people, like a local thug’s slum life with cutting, chopping, drinks, drugs, sex, rape, extortion, few vulgar dance and hell lot to filthy dialog. Such movies are running successful cos audience taste had gone bad. Our middle class culture had over taken by slum culture. Kuthu song and dances are part of slum culture but not our middle or lower middle class life. Today all most every actor and actress end up performing Kuthu dance. Youngsters and elite society enjoy Kuthu songs and dance in movies. some of the young actors are promoting slum culture with hip hop songs. Call it culture erosion.  Culture is tradition. Money you can make but you cannot buy culture. Culture means traditional values . One particular cast in Tamil Nadu perform Kuthu dance when they take out body for burial. Kuthu dance is free style vulgar dance. }

“I told you it is not all about money. Let producer sign my ‘writer and producer agreement’ I will permit them to make movie version of my fiction in their choice of language”
“Tell me more about your writer and producer agreements” 
After I explained to him he said “No producer will sign your agreement. If you want to sell your fiction for movie production you will sign their agreement starting with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED….and take whatever money they offer to you….” Period. If you tell them about your writer and producer agreement they will think you are a problem man and will ask you to get out!”
I said “FINE!”
 …..’ there is always next time and this is NOT my END! Producers think after spending millions of rupees and making movie version of my fiction I will sell same fiction to other producer and make more money.

Why I should not think like a producer? “He will pay me peanuts and make movie out of my fiction and sell ‘his’ movie right worldwide and make a killing.  And I do not even get a chance to work for movie version of my fiction”.

Know the facts. If only movie became hit he can sell right to other movie production house. We Indian make more than 1200 movie per year. Let’s assume that ten to twenty percent of the movies are hit. Twenty to fifty percent of the movies recover production cost and rest of the movies goes to dogs! 

This is how movie fiction writers are selling their fiction to producers and production house. There are people who write exclusively for movie production. To keep audience running out of theater they add full of dramatic twists and turns and they call it suspense! Melodrama, stupidity and sentimental scenes in their movie script. Verdict? Commercial HIT! Those writers stand in a long Queue since early morning in front of producer house or production house.  They may have to follow the same routine for quite some more days or till producer ask them to narrate their story. Producer will give one or one and half hours to narrate story.  How you present your story make or break your chance. There is always another chance. Such writers end-up narrating their story to five, ten or twenty more producers before they make a sale! This type of ‘writer’ will never ever publish their fiction. They think some producer will steal their story or story concept. For them their stories are like classified top military secret!

Know the difference between genuine writer and writer for movie production.

Genuine writer 
A genuine writer will publish his fiction. He will never steal or get inspired by some other writer’s story concept.

Story writer for movie production.
He will watch almost every Indian and foreign movies. He get ‘inspired’ read steal story concept to write fiction for movie production. He will use more than one or as many as story idea and mix with right amount of ingredients (masala-add violence, sex, item number and dramatic twist and turns) to write one story for movie production.

Having stolen ideas/story concept from other movies he will never ever publish his fiction co’s he himself had stolen ideas from other movies now he is worried that when he narrate his story to producer , producer will steal his ‘story’ concept and make movie. Actor/producer Kamala Hassan is the only person who admitted using idea from all other movie to write movie script  

We story writer publish our fictions. There are billions of published fictions available on book stores. If ‘we’ writers think that our story or story concept producer steal then we will not be publishing our fictions. Only 420 producers will make movies version of our fictions without paying or getting permission from author. An honest producer will never steal story or story concept from any of the fiction. If writer comes to know of it then he can block his movie. Imagine, if a 420 producer steal story or concept and make movie and later a genuine producer buy story right to make movie he will not only block movie but also legally sodomize 420 producers. Beg or borrow. NEVER steal .

Be honest, let’s do business.
Author of Eternal Love and Broken heart

N.B:  when I was a young boy my father asked me "Can you straighten the tail of a dog?" I said "NO". It is the same case with me. I will only sell my fiction as per my writer and producer agreement. Money is not everything. I am not obsessed with money but if I get a chance to work as creative director I can showcase my talent.

Too many people had judged me with my appearance. My appearance is for you to identify me but I am NOT what you see or think! I am invisible!! I AM MIND!!!