Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Life.


I have been working here as a lodge manager for the past seven years. My long working hours 16 Hrs x 365 without a single day break and two plus cigarette packets and work took a heavy toll on my health. I thought I will sell my fiction for movie production and move out of this place .poor man proposes and shit happens.

I was not used to sitting long working hours. As sales cum service technician I use to move around. Even after working hours, I used to play shuttle badminton. It gives me stamina and agility. I used to play against half my age guys .on a double court I alone play against two guys. That means I will end up running all over the court. While those guys took point by placing, I took point by unleashing power.  On few occasions, I managed to eat samosa and coffee at their expense. Once I took a shot from an unusual angle. Suddenly ligament just above my left kneecap snapped. It was bloody painful. Unless you experience broken ligament you will never know what pain is. I was out of action for about one week.

I missed out my physical activities. First I need to recover my health.  Enough is enough; I have decided to move out, I had given up my job. Now I have spare time. I am no longer under stress. I am not taking life seriously.  I am trying to relax. I will think about the job only when I feel hungry.

This one is in Urdu. 
"Dhaney....Dhaney Pay Likha hai
Khana Khaney walom ka Naam"

It means on every grains/granules name of the person was written! He only can get to eat that particular grain. When I get hungry all I need is to search for my granules/food (job) .it is somewhere out there in the world.

Now my biggest challenge is to give up smoking. I have been smoking for the past 40 years. Half of the time I smoked two packets per day. It may take years but I will give up smoking once for all.

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I am reading 'How to fall in love with a woman' for dummies.