Saturday, April 8, 2017




  ”if you want to achieve long term goal be prepared to 'Go beyond your breaking point' jivan.

People tell those who made out life walked extra miles (put on extra effort) If you can have a better life just by walking extra miles who is preventing you to walk? Someone coined ‘walk extra mile’ to achieve goal. Let me tell you it is all shit talk. Just by walking extra mile you are not going to make out a better life. It is not walking extra mile or putting extra effort. Walking extra miles or putting extra effort (hard work) will get you nothing. Infact most of them are multi tasking to make extra money to beat raising living cost. I had been working from 7 am to 10.30 or 11 p.m about 16 hours per day (16x365 days) without break for the past eight years for peanuts. My hard work got me nowhere. Hard work or putting extra effort can only make extra money. It cannot change your life forever. It is not extra miles or putting extra efforts it is called ' going beyond your breaking point’. To make out a life you should be prepared to go ‘beyond your breaking point’.  As we mentally prepare to go beyond our breaking point our tolerance level to stress gradually increases!  It is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of mental maturity. If you are focused on goal you should be willing to go beyond your breaking point. If not prepared at some point time people break down. Drink, drugs, mental derailment or suicide can happen.  You need mental maturity to remain calm or else anger, frustration and pent-up feelings can flare up in the form of violence or self-destruction.  When you are focused on your long term goal, you will find your tolerance level to stress gradually increasing!

Any fool can preach’ Go beyond your breaking point’ try it once; it will break your will power. To go beyond breaking point you have to prepare physically and mentally. In short you became ‘Flexible’. That does not mean you became spineless man. Regardless of your situation you will not lose yourself respect and integrity. In my case I had no other option. I have to succeed in life at any cost and I was prepared for any eventualities.

Let me explain from my life. When you experience failure after failure you should be mentally prepared for a long haul to achieve your goal. Without giving up our struggle you work with dedication. Your hard work and perseverance can only help you to achieve our goal.  Use different strategy; think different ways to win life. Do not set time frame. You will have break down if you cannot make it. Do not expect someone to fight for your life. It is your life, it is your fight. Fight to finish, Fight is not over till you die! Lol.

In eight years’ time I had scarified so many things which you all took it for granted. I missed my little daughter very much. She is safe with her mother. My wife too had learned one simple lesson. With single income running house is not easy. It is good for her. At last she realized how much I had slogged to maintain our house. Some other day I will bring back my little daughter, but not my wife.  You know I neither forget nor forgive; the reason is not to repeat same mistakes. 

Finding a major movie production house for my fiction Eternal Love became a challenge for me. I had sent my fiction (book) to six of India’s leading movie production house. Only one of them replied. At the moment they are not planning to make sc-fiction movie. Period. Four other production houses did not bother to reply. They think they have my fiction and they can make movie out of it!  It was like jumping from frying pan to fire. Now I have to save money for lawyer in case any one of them make movie out of my fiction. It turned out to be an endless search for major movie production house for my Eternal Love. 

Writing 'Go beyond your breaking point' was not a big deal for me. In reality while I was going beyond my breaking point I was dying inside. It was very painful but I kept all my fictional characters alive. Unlike others I am not addicted to Life. I was like... "Die another day but certainly not today!” I was just extending my life day by day... if only you are fighting a lonely battle called life you can only feel for me. Life had taught me a simple lesson. Be patient. This simple lesson had helped me to focus and achieve my objective. Without family, friends, drinks and drugs I had overcome severe depression. Appearance wise I look old and weak but I am mentally stronger than you.
  'Go beyond your breaking point'. believe me it was maddening but not impossible .
 “The day when you realize your destiny is in your hands you will change your fate at the cost of your own life”. Jivan.  
N: B it was easy to write 'Go beyond your breaking point' but in reality it was maddening to go beyond the breaking point. As if there is NO end of mental agony. Try to go beyond your breaking point you will start wilting! There are more than seven billion people on this planet. You all are yet to meet person like me .I am sure, out there, there are guys like me. 'We' are different kind of species! 'We' will not showcase our talent to our family members, fucked up friends, enemies nor 'we' will participate in talent contest but given a chance 'we' will showcase our talent for global audiences! This is not over confidence this is what I am capable of doing it as a creative director and visualizer for movie version of my fictions. 

I wrote the entire eight articles even before I sold my fiction for movie production. God and I, thinking wild, I am destined to be what I am, shit happens and is there life without hope, Go beyond the breaking point, success at last!  You all will think I was dreaming about millions of Indian peanuts. NO! I know if producers can find business opportunity from my fiction they will buy it for movie production and I will get paid for it. Yes. I do visualize. How to shoot movie version of my fiction, How to digitally manipulate scenes…It was like me doing home work; like I was preparing to work as creative director if not as a visualizer.  In my school days even if I do not study maths and English grammar I had always finished my homework before I go to bed because I did not want to be an “Out Standing”  student (standing outside our class room) in my class.