Saturday, April 8, 2017


 Unlike others, I do not talk through either side of my mouth. Even after eight years of struggling and suffering I can now say that ‘whatever had happened is good for me!’ when I say everything happened for a reason I am not mad, I am normal. I had tried to sell my fiction through ink tip, Amazon movies and ISA. Had my fiction got selected for movie production I will not be able to sell my fiction as per my ‘writer and producer’ agreement. All those selling sites were offering not more than $ 5000/- or Rs 3, 00,000/- . $5000/- is peanut for ‘movie material’ fiction. Today I sold my fiction as per my terms and condition. That means a producer can make movie version of my fiction ONLY in ONE language.  So I can sell same fiction for movie production in other languages.  More than money I am looking for an opportunity to work as creative director and visualizer for movie version of my fictions.
 In one of my article I wrote…. ‘I wrote about my future years ago! Can you write about your future?’  Well, I do not know my own future but I was focused. How to make my enemies outdated by selling my fictions, how to sell my fiction for movie production? Holly wood producers and screenplay writers told me it is impossible to sell my fiction for Hollywood movie production. Fine, I have not yet sell my fiction for Indian movie production house but I have taken it as a challenge, it will take months if not years. In future I will write how I sold my fiction for Hollywood movie production house. Watch this space.  I also wrote ‘If there is a will….there is NO way!’  We have to make way. How you do it? You have to use your own brain.   

 here i am writing about one cunt washing company .I had to find distributors for my fiction. I spoke to two of them. They referred me to one of the distributor. I wanted to meet HOD of the distribution company but purchase officer a   young lady insist that I speak to her regarding sale of my book. Now it is not worth mentioning the distributor or their purchase officer name.  I explain to her about my book. She said. ‘Sir, we do not promote one single book.’ 
‘Not one single book’, if you are planning to sell my book I will ask my publisher to supply more book’.
‘No. sir, you may not know sales and marketing’ one look and she found out that I do not know anything about sales and marketing! Even before she was born I was working as sales cum service engineer for M/S Salora International and selling Panasonic Japan, office automation machines. Not Panasonic china, Malaysia or Taiwan make it is genuine Fax, dot matrix and, laser printers and cordless phone from Japan. In those days the lowest model fax machine costs Rs 6000/- and the costly model cost more than Rs 15,000/- .The seven-in-one model cost more than Rs 1,25,000/- that was more than twenty years ago! People in India will judge you with your appearance. If you have fair complexion and looks healthy they think you are educated and from well to do family. What sort of shit people are they?
I said ‘I will ask my publisher to supply my books on author’s prize’.  When you sell my fiction on MRP you will make Rs 90/- per book’.  You will get Rs 90 profit on Rs150/-MRP.  Like a broken record she said ‘sir, we do not promote single book, you may not know about sales and marketing’. Had she allowed me to talk to her boss he would have sold some of my books and made money.
I said, ‘Fine, No problem’ and came out of their office. . On my mind I was saying’ FUCKS YOU BITCH, I will find distributor and sell this same book.  You should never employ woman purchase officer. They do not know how to exploit the opportunity. I do not know WFT she had studied .You do not have to study MBA to find business opportunity. .If business is not an opportunity then WFT is business? She has got no BRAIN, she is only C-U-N-T!  Even an illiterate scrap dealer will not take your scrap if he cannot resell it. He is capable of seeing business opportunity in his every dealing.  Not everyone can find business opportunity. If that was possible then everyone can make little bit of money. For a producer a good story is a business opportunity for others it could be an idea/concept or something else.

I do not give undue importance to anyone but someone who deserve it .Let me tell you that fucking cunt does not know anything about book distribution. On 18-1-15 I went to Chennai book fair and met couple of book distributors. This is how book distributors functions in India. They do not take books from authors nor will they promote your books. They only take books from publishers for distribution. They dump books at all the book stores. Distributors will take 35% to 40% commission on every book they sell and every six months they collect their commission and pay part of the money to publishers and order for more books. Publisher takes part of his money and gave some money/royalty to writers. If any unsold books are there distributors will return it to publishers. If you have published your book on POD mode it is impossible to sell it through distributors.  Book distributors are none other than commission agents. Just like parasites. 

When you sell Rs 150/- worth book you only will make Rs 25/- or Rs 30/- per book. Here is a Tamil proverb “Nara kudi company yum 48 maistri yum ". In Cunt washing company with 48 supervisors nobody will take responsibility. In India you will find millions of such companies. Even their boss will only take money but not customer problem or responsibilities .People do not know how to run business professionally.. in a cunt washing companies person who is holding the BALLS of boss run the show. it create more problems for co workers and customers . In India most of the people think like buffalo. If you think different others will think you are MAD. It is not necessary that we should judge other by their appearance. If you really interested get to know him/her talk to him/her. Do not judge anyone with their appearance. 

I have every right to speak my mind. Eight years of bloody HELL. Those who could have helped me refuse to help me. I wrote, published and sold my fiction for movie production. I am waiting for an opportunity to work as creative director and visualizer for movie version of my fiction. Now you see how I tried to justify my action. You will never understand JIVAN. I write thrash and sent negative vibes. People still wants to read my blog post. Check number of hits on my BlogSpot. While you were all enjoying LIFE I was going through HELL. I became restless soul. Only after selling my fiction for movie production there will be peace on my mind. 

All most all the print on demand (POD) mode books are published and paid by the author. In the initial stage you will get book only on MRP. After two weeks same book will be sold with 50% discount! Before his book becomes ’history’ he wants to sell and recover his money as much as possible. 

If a sales man running short of target he will sell products at ‘end users’ prize at the last moment to achieve minimum target. Sales cum service engineer job are really a tough job.  All the purchase managers are aware of 'end users' prize of product. They will start bargaining, selling product to a purchase manager is really a tough job.                     
When you write an agreement which involve money transaction it should have eye witness signature. I wrote ‘writer and producer agreement’ which does not require witness! I wrote fool proof agreement that nobody can misuse it. Try writing one.
 I said as an atheist I think rationally, as a pessimist I have more options than you. See, how many options I had tried before I sold my fiction for movie production. It seems there was an invisible force working against me. If someone was physically preventing me to achieve my objective I would have blown his balls off So much frustration; where as a theist you would have spent money at temples, astrologer, numerologist and on witch doctor. Hardship and failures in life reinforced my faith in rational thinking (Atheism).