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WHAT’S up?
  You all thought I am a spent force. I want you to reconsider me. I will be publishing Thirty-five articles on my blog. I am BACK with a BANG!
My Dear Friends & Foes!
This article is my Real Life inspirational story. In ten years time, I had changed my fate. This Article will help you to peek into my mind. This article is also about the secret of my success. Here is my past, present and future! 
WARNING! Thinking Wild will disturb your conscience. 
2) GOD & I          
Warning:  High Octane articles. It will disturb your conscience. Do not read if YOU are stupid, sentimental and superstitious.
 3) I am SORRY!
I am sorry friends by writing ‘God and me’ and ‘Thinking Wild’ I had hurt your stupid and sentimental feelings. 
"There is some BLOODY FUCKING SHIT out there and it is REAL! Whether you want to pray SHIT or work hard to achieve your goal is upto you" Atheist- Jivan. 
 5) I am destined to be who I am!
As an atheist, I do not believe in destiny. I believe in myself.In 'THINKING WILD' I wrote about my past, present and future. It is not possible for everyone to write about their own future.  How did I manage to write about my own future?
“If you want to achieve long term goal be prepared to 'Go beyond your breaking point' jivan.
 People tell those who made out life walked extra miles or put on extra effort. If you can have a better life just by walking extra miles, what is preventing you to walk? ‘It is going beyond your breaking point' you should be prepared to go ‘beyond your breaking point’.  As we mentally prepare to go beyond our breaking point our tolerance level for stress gradually increases! 
 The World over people will tell you to live on hope. I would say ...even beggars live on hope. Like your God, hope does not exist! Hope is only to pacify our mind. If you think like me you too can live life without hope.

 Against all odds success at last! How to sodomise your fate and make out a life? Try writing your own success story and see how many years it is going to take. A MUST read for everyone.  I missed all my readers. Now I am back with a BANG! 
9) Being Jivan. Being brutally honest. 
In my article ‘Thinking wild,’ I wrote I do not give undue importance to any of those scams. They are not worth mentioning it on my blog. Now if I am giving undue importance those scums, there must be a valid reason for it. 
 10) You & I .Part-10
Between you and me. Part-10
Writing ‘Thinking wild’ was full of fun. I really enjoyed writing it. 
 11) If there is a will there is NO way!
‘If there is a will…? There is a way??’ we all have will power now show me the way. From my experience with the life, I tell you with willpower alone you cannot find a way. You have to study how to break or beat the system using your own strategy.  Here I will give you an example.
 12) Fixations.
 Do you have fixations? Think fast and hard. As an atheist I don’t have a fixation, right? Wrong! I too have fixations!! Every human being will have fixations. Usually, fixations are developed based on our blind faith. So, ‘we’ atheists are not supposed to have fixations. As an atheist, I said I do not believe in God and superstitions but my experience with life was forcing me to believe in irrational things. My rational thinking helped me to refuse to believe in all those things.
13) Random thoughts.
 Random thought will take you through the roller coaster ride.After finish reading this article you are not sure whether you Love me or Hate me. 
 14)  New Life.
I have been working here as a lodge manager for the past eight years. My long working hours 16 Hrs x 365 without a single day break and two plus cigarette packets took a heavy toll on my health. I thought I will sell my fiction for movie production and move out of this place .poor man proposes and shit happens! 
 15) Writers V/S Journalists.
There was a debate ‘who is more creative Writer or journalist? I am trying to prove that writers are more creative people than a journalist.
 16) Movie script.
There is so much hype created about creativity. Most of us think creative people are born with it or it is a god given gift. Almost everyone is a creative person. To became the creative person you have to use your imagination, visualisation, knowledge and experiences.
 17) Copyright violation.
This article is about copyright violation in India.
 18) Stupidity.
Do you know the differences between a theist and an atheist? 
 19) Is life worth living?
Is it impossible for you to answer me? Beyond death there is life! And above God and Fate lies human spirit to rise up like a phoenix.
 20) Content writing.
Now a day’s more and more people are into content writing. Content writing is nothing but plagiarism.
 21) Writers dilemma.
More and more people are writing fictions/novels. It is a welcome sign. When it comes to writing fiction or novel you are unable to do it. You know the reason? 
 22) Story concept writer.
I said I am a story concept writer that means I will write only fictions for movie production. 
 23) Broken Heart. Part-2.
After a gap of eight years, I am writing the second part of ‘Broken Heart’ graphic driven horror fiction. Here is the sample of my work.
 24) ….. Name of the fiction here….. Now a MOVIE!
I had sold my fiction Eternal Love sci-fiction / Broken heart Horror for movie production. My fiction is being made in the Tamil Language. 
We not only think but also plan meticulously.Do you think all our plans work with clock precision? At times shit happens and most of us are never prepared for it.  
 26) My quotes.
  Read my own quotes ....more than two hundred and thirty of them. It’s different! People think only genius or intelligent person can write quotes. I wrote quotes from your experience with life. 
27) Writer and producer agreement.
The only prominent writer can set terms and conditions for a movie producer.  I sold my fiction (name of the fiction) as per my terms and conditions.     
 28) How to write fictions?      
How do you write fictions? This how I wrote fictions.
29) Learn lesson from your mistakes
If you read my article ‘Success at Last’ you know how many mistakes I had made.
30) Know your enemy.
Do you have enemies? I do not have enemies. I have only one enemy. I had pardoned all others enemies including my wife.
31)“Falling in love with you…”
At first, I saw you in the newspaper. It was love at first sight. You were young and full of life. 
32) Let’s Do Business
Like in love and war everything is fine. Today business is like war.
 33) My Dear enemies...
Thanks for my enemies.
If I had succeeded in my endeavour it is because of you! 
 'Eternal Love science fiction love story in the Tamil Language.  

Some of the articles I wrote years ago!  Can you write about your future? That is the difference between you and me.                                                                                 
Last year there were no proper rains in Chennai city. This summer is going to be extreme. There will be a severe water shortage, as safety precautionary measures we people of Chennai are learning how to use toilet tissue paper.                                                                              

                                                             CALM before STORM.