Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rape & Punishment.

Rape & Punishment.
Most of you foreigners are aware of the recent rape of Delhi girl. It was very unfortunate that the girl died of internal injuries.
Unlike in west we do not have number of rape taking places in India. It is happening round the clock in some part of India. Usually not all the rape cases are reported to police station. Parents will think of girl’s ‘future’ or family honour before filing up FIR. Rape case usually drags on for years. At police station or court room she would be asked ‘was it painful? ‘Or “Did you enjoy the experiences?’ only to further humiliate the raped girl. Not every raped girl is willing to undergo such humiliation .if the rapist is a politician or rich and famous man victim will be forced to withdraw her FIR. There will be pressure on her from her parents, police and her ‘well wishers’ because they ‘know ‘girl will never ever get justice! She will have ‘bleak future’. She also brings ‘shame’ to her family. These are the main reason not all the rape victims prefer to file FIR at the local police station. In some villages police will not take-up cases because the girl is from lower cast. So much discrimination from law enforcing agencies!
Like any other responsible citizen of India I too have few suggestions….

1) First woman Member of Parliament shout get thirty three percent seats in our parliament so that ‘you’ can safe guard ‘woman of India’ with stringent law against Rape, Flesh trade and female Infanticides.

2) ‘You’ can also improve the life of woman by empowering them with education, equal opportunity at work place in central/state and privet sectors.

3) Fast track court to prosecute rapist and organized flesh trade business people. Kidnapping and selling girls to brothel are real and it is well organized crime syndicate involving politicians and mafia gangs.

4) When it is a minor or major girl gets raped and murdered; perpetrator of the crime should be sentenced to death.  They do not deserve mercy from any one.

5) Whether the girl is minor or major the rapist should be chemically castrated and sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for ten to fifteen years.

6) There are serial rapists. They should be hanged till death. They do not deserve life in our civilized society.

7)  Incestism cases are not usually reported in India. We Indian ‘thought ‘it was Western ‘phenomenon’.  It is happening all over the world. Usually the minor girl will report to her mother since ‘it’ involve their family ‘honour’ her mother will not report it to the local police station.  Financial dependence on a sole bread winner is one of the main reasons in most cases for not reporting. Whether father had forced on his daughter or brother in some cases it is their relative sexually abusing minor girls should be punished with castration and imprisonment.
Out of 526 M.P s in India there are more than 56 M.P are involved in rape cases.  Few of them are involved in rape cum murder case. Do you think their case will be reopened and they get prosecuted?  That is very unlikely to happen in India.
They are a human right organization they do believe in punishment. Severe punishment is the only deterrent factor that will prevent people committing heinous crime.
Why we are not committing crime?
1) First of all we are responsible citizen of India.
2) We will not do anything to dishonor our family reputation.
3) We are aware of the punishment for the crime.
Since the Delhi girl got gang raped and died; rapist cum murders deserve nothing short of death sentence.

As a man I tell you, rape is a heinous crime. I think it is not her body but her mind gets tormented for very long years.  If a man is not homosexual and he gets sodomized forcibly he feels humiliated and hurt. I think same is the case with rape victim.
‘Sex is beautiful when our mind and body is synchronized. Sex is dirty when we indulged in carnal pleasure’- Jivan.
We men are not made as beast but there is one major difference between a man and woman. Man can enjoy sex without love where as a woman can not enjoy sex without love except for few nymphomaniacs.  Then we man cannot ‘love ‘every woman just for the sake of sex. Lol.
“So, you Rip & Rape?”
“No! Never in my life time!! It is a promise!!!
Let’s not to make war! Come on Let’s Make Love!! Lol.
NB: If rapist cannot be hanged then they should be sentenced for life without parole .A) victim and their family can live peacefully. B) Other woman are safe from this predator .C) he will never rape another woman in his life time .what is the problem implementing life long sentence for rapists. For rape cum death rapist should be hanged without mercy, he does not deserve to live in a civilized society. 

Juvenile or not, punishment for rapist should be the same. Rapist should know that rape is a heinous crime. Every country should introduce new stringent law against rape. This is the only way to deter prospective rapists. In the west I noticed …rapists /criminal’s life /right are more important than the innocent victim .this is the one of the main reason for criminals get acquitted from most of the serious crime. It is time to say FUCK YOU….. To human right activities and punish the culprit. Human right organization should protect victim NOT the perpetrator of the crime.